Anyone who has suffered a serious injury will tell you it affects them, and their family, in so many ways.

Not only does one suffer physically, mentally and emotionally, but it also creates great financial stress.

That’s why most people engage a Personal Injury lawyer to help them through the process, to work with insurers and take the stress out of complex compensation laws. Accredited specialist personal injury lawyers have to know it all. They sit exams, and each year they have to keep the legal training and knowledge current. Why? Because an injured person needs expert advice and that includes advice about the effect of settling a claim with the insurer, the implications with Centrelink and their future medical and living expenses.

Lump sum compensation lets people make their own decisions about how to spend and invest their compensation. But, after years of uncertainty and a lack of steady income, with bills and mortgage payments owing, it can be a tough predicament to be in. Expert legal and financial advice can help in making those decisions about resolving a claim and investing.

Personal Injury law is complex and it is important that you are getting the right advice. Our expert team of lawyers is here to help. Emma Mead is an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury law. Call us on 1300 292 700 or email [email protected]

Emma Mead

Emma Mead

Personal Injury Lawyer and Founder