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Australian cricketer suing insurer for unpaid policy

Australian international cricket player, Mitchell Starc, has filed a multi‑million-dollar lawsuit against a leading sports-contract insurance company. The left-arm fast-bowler had taken out a $1.53 million policy which would be triggered if he were to miss his planned...

NSW Judicial Commission targeting ‘unacceptable’ delays

Legal judgements can take time. However, in some circumstances, it appears that judgements, or indeed justice, is taking too much time. Considering the enormous effect that a single judgement can have on an individual’s life, it is understandable that a judge would...

Former police officer awarded $1.4 million damages

A former police officer has been awarded $1.4 million in damages from the State of NSW as compensation for psychological damages arising out of their duties. (Melanie Sills v State of New South Wales [2018] NSWDC 119) The ex-cop had been exposed to a number of...

Under-reported violence rife in NSW public health system

NSW public health workers spend their lives striving to keep our most vulnerable citizens safe and healthy. Unfortunately, it seems that the sector may not be doing the same for the workers themselves. In November 2016, NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard announced a...

Wrongful birth claims

The issue of unwanted pregnancies is a delicate topic, and it is an area of medical practice that doctors are always very mindful of and vigilant about. Whatever the thoughts held about private individuals when it comes to unwanted pregnancies coming to...

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