Tasmania’s Anglican Bishop, Richard Condie, has spoken out in criticism of the way that the recently-introduced redress scheme compensates survivors of institutionalised sexual abuse.

The redress scheme compensation payments are capped at $150,000 and the impact of abuse is determined with regard primarily to the severity of the abuse- meaning that victims of less severe abuse are unable to receive the maximum compensation, regardless of the effect it may have had on their lives.

“So if the abuse is deemed to be low then the impact is deemed to be low, and we don’t think that’s good for survivors,” Bishop Condie told ABC News.

Survivors of sexual abuse may instead decide to pursue compensation for their experience via an alternative avenue, i.e. court litigation or out of court conferencing.

It is possible that, through processes alternative to the redress scheme, a survivor may be compensated more than $150,000 and the psychological damage they have experienced may be taken into consideration in determining the compensation amount.

Each case is different and it’s important that survivors are aware of rights so that they can pursue their maximum entitlement.

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Emma Mead

Emma Mead

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