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Burke & Mead Lawyers is a boutique law firm providing a full range of personal legal services.


We tailor common sense, jargon-free legal advice and expert legal representation to suit your needs across a range of areas including criminal, compensation and family law.

Law for starting out in life. Law for growth. Law for life’s big decisions. Law for mistakes or misfortunes. Law for play. Law for endings and law for new beginnings. Law for well-being and safety. Law for retirement and beyond.


We are your lawyers, for life.

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News Flash! Helmets Save Lives!

News Flash! Helmets Save Lives!

In the biggest review of bike helmets to date, statistics show that it is very likely wearing a helmet will save your life. In fact, University of NSW statistician Dr Jake Olivier found that helmets will reduce the chances of sustaining a serious head injury by almost...

15th Coal Miner Diagnosed with Black Lung in Qld

15th Coal Miner Diagnosed with Black Lung in Qld

A Queensland miner has been confirmed as the 15th worker in the State to be diagnosed with the black lung since the disease re-emerged in May last year. The ‘black lung’, also known as pneumoconiosis, is a potentially fatal disease caused by long exposure to coal...