1. Property Valuations

Property valuations allow you to make an informed decision when dividing assets. Get a property valuation.

  1. Settle out of Court

Although Court gives you ample opportunity to air your dirty laundry it’s quicker and cheaper settling through negotiations, getting your partners dirty clothes out of your house, quicker!

  1. Caveats or injunctions?

If your property isn’t in joint names your ex-partner can sell it without your consent, to prevent this, consider whether caveats or injunctions are appropriate.

  1. No Spending Sprees

Although gambling away your ex-partner’s inheritance on the horse ‘Freedom’ might seem like an appropriate way to spend your money, it’s not.

  1. Don’t listen to your Uncle Andrew

Yes, he’s been divorced four times, but that doesn’t make him a reliable source.

  1. Stop Offloading Assets

No, selling your car to your new partner for a dollar is not a good idea.

  1. Don’t wait

There are time limits when bringing a property settlement.

  1. Don’t let your emotions affect your decisions

Yes they said they hated your mother’s lasagne, but that’s no reason to jeopardise your chances at a fair property settlement.

  1. Consult a solicitor

Just like you wouldn’t remove your own tonsils, it’s not a good idea to settle your own matter without advice.

  1. Call Burke Mead Lawyers