We have a Law Student who has recently started doing a couple of days a week with Burke Mead. It has been interesting to chat with her about what has surprised her the most about working in law.

She has said that in the past couple of weeks, She has come to realise the world of law involves a lot more than what she has learnt / still learning in the classroom at University.

Lawyers work to make a difference for real people with real problems. She has studied law for three years so far and has had a sheltered perspective with regard to perusing cases and being taught legal principles within a closed system.

Working in the field has allowed her to better connect with real clients and have the opportunity to assist people within what is sometimes a traumatic or stressful period in their

She loves learning the different pathways to justice we can take to help these people get the best outcome possible.

The law of Personal Injury allows people to be compensated for an accident. However, what has been eye opening for her is when you mention law to somebody, the first thing they think of is working in criminal law. This area of law often has negative connotations; being charged by the police for an alleged offence, going to court, paying lots of money for lawyers, fines or gaol time. However, Personal Injury Law and the various ways you can be compensated has shown her a different realm of the law that works to help vulnerable and injured people, when they most need it.

She has seen solicitors at Burke Mead really thrilled when they get an excellent settlement for their clients. This part of the job makes her so excited to be a part of this someday. She cannot wait to work towards getting the best outcome possible for her future clients.