What can we take from the recent #kimye divorce? Step right up! We’ve got six things we’ve learnt and would love to share!

Now I know you think they’re just a gold digger

But you probably aren’t dealing with some baseless vigour. Your ex-partner may have sought some legal advice and informed you they are entitled to more than you think they should be. There are numerous factors the Court considers when dividing property and it’s important you’re aware of these before agreeing to any offers of settlement.

Child support

Don’t be like Kanye’s friend who after 18 years of paying child support “found out it wasn’t his”. In Australia, if there’s a dispute over parentage you can make an application to the Court for a paternity test.


Kim’s launch into stardom was unconventional and unlikely to be the intention of your disgruntled ex-partner. If your ex-partner threatens to release any intimate footage of you, speak to your solicitor immediately, there could be implications for your family law matter and potentially criminal consequences for your ex-partner.

Tell them we want prenup, yeah.

I know Kanye so eloquently said, it’s not something that you need to have, but if they leave you they might leave with half… Shockingly, it is actually a lot more complex than that. Do not enter into a prenup (known as a binding financial agreement) before getting legal advice.

Recording phone calls

Secretly recording phone calls just in case your friend Taylor Swift changes her mind and attempts to ruin your rap career may be an exception to the rule. Seek legal advice if you think your ex-partner is saying one thing to the Court, but another to you.

Court isn’t the VMA awards

Just like Kanye thought Beyonce deserved to be awarded more time on stage you may believe you deserve more time with your children. Kanye interrupting the VMAs didn’t change the judge’s decision and get Beyonce the award, you interrupting in Court won’t either.