Have you and your former partner recently separated?

Are you having trouble working out who your children live with, or when you can spend time with them?

Perhaps try a mediation.

You can contact a government service, such as Relationships Australia to request a mediation. There can however be long delays before you will get a date with a mediator to talk about what the arrangements are going to be for your children.

You can generally get a date for mediation quicker with a private mediator, rather than a government service though. Solicitors can assist you during a mediation to help you get your point across to your former partner.

If you and your former partner do reach an agreement at mediation, solicitors can also be used to advise you on the agreement or to draft the agreement in a way that is acceptable to the Court.

If you would like a lawyer to assist you at mediation, or require a lawyer to handle the mediation or you and your former partner have already reached an agreement and would like some advice or enforceable Orders of the Court, contact Burke Mead Lawyers on 0249 023 800 to speak to our expert family law team.