Following a personal injury it can be difficult and costly to determine who is at fault and what compensation should be paid. Mediation is a popular form of dispute resolution for many individuals and insurers, that can keep costs down and keep the dispute out of Court. Emma Mead is a Nationally Accredited Mediator. Emma understands the difficulties that face both insurers and injured individuals in compensation claims and of the opportunity Mediation has for certainty of outcome and legal costs.

Finding an effective and objective mediator with extensive knowledge in personal injury can increase the success of mediation. Emma is such a Mediator. She understands the importance of objectivity between parties to help make informed decisions in reaching a settlement.

Emma is qualified to mediate any dispute. Her experience in specialising in all personal injury (medical negligence included), and being a Law Society Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law is further reason to consider Emma to mediate your dispute, and navigate complex issues respectfully with the upmost professionalism.

Emma is available throughout Newcastle and the Hunter, Mid North Coast and Sydney.

Please contact BurkeMead on 02 4002 3800 to speak with Emma Mead to confirm availability and daily charge for Mediation.