You may have already heard the commonly cited benefits of mediation, such as the reduced cost, increased timeliness, confidential nature and a way to avoid the stress of going to court. But, have you ever wondered what the mediator actually does?

It may be helpful to think of the mediator’s role as like a coach, and both parties are in the same team, striving towards the same goal – a positive outcome. The coach doesn’t play in the game, they help by providing the plan and the tools, and the team must put those in practice to ‘win’.

In a similar way, a facilitative mediator will not actually ‘play in the game’ by taking sides, negotiating solutions or providing legal advice and material input. They are there to help create the most neutral and accommodating environment for an agreement to be reached.

And if it fails? No harm, no foul! The parties will receive a Certificate of Mediation (no, not a participation award), and will proceed to court as originally intended.

Think this could be a good pathway for your matter? Managing Director, Emma Mead, is a Nationally Accredited Mediator.

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