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Burke Mead Lawyers are experienced child custody lawyers and experts in family law, assisting clients in a range of family law matters.

Our services – such as parental arrangements and child custody – are delivered by a team of expert family lawyers, whose experience with the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia can assist our clients to resolve family law matters quickly.

Reaching an agreement can be a complex process that, first and foremost, has to consider what is in the best interests of the children.

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The Benefits of Working With a Family Lawyer

Legal representation in a family law matter, such as child custody or binding financial agreements, is to the benefit of all parties and the dependents involved.

Our experienced lawyers specialise in mediation and negotiation to resolve your family law disputes, and Burke Mead Lawyers are some of the top family lawyers in Newcastle, Central Coast and Hunter Region.

Whether you are applying for full custody of a child or seeking a parental agreement, you will need both expert knowledge and extensive experience in family law and dispute resolution.

There are numerous benefits to working with experienced family law solicitors. The main benefit is the possibility of resolving custody disputes through mediation to achieve the best outcome and potentially reduce the financial costs of resolving disputes.

As family law specialists, we work with you to manage the dispute process and help your family navigate this extremely difficult time. This can become especially critical if the dispute is complicated by other factors, such as financial grievances (such as disputes over spousal maintenance) or family violence.

We take a collaborative approach to understanding your needs. Our objective is focused on the big picture: to secure the best possible outcome for your family, especially for your children, by providing quality family law services.


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Child Custody Lawyers FAQs

When it comes to custody, there are four terms that can be used when creating a parenting arrangement:

  • Sole custody arrangement – refers to an arrangement in which only one parent or caregiver has time with and responsibility for the child/children.
  • Joint custody arrangements – refers to an arrangement in which both parents or caregivers have time with and/or responsibility for the child/children. Joint custody arrangements can be an equal share of responsibility/time or involve significant and substantial time.
  • Primary physical custody – refers to which caregiver the child/children primarily resides with.
  • Legal custody – refers to the enforceable child custody agreement, as are Grandparent and Visitation custody.

Working with an experienced family law firm is the best way to reach the most beneficial outcome. Your lawyer can guide you through the legal process involved and assist in mediating the complexities of family disputes.

The most common custody arrangement in Australia is sole custoday & joint custody Australia’s Family Law Act emphasizes children having equal or substantial and significant time with both parents or caregivers. In the Family Law Court of Australia, the preference is to award physical and legal joint custody whenever possible, to allow the child to develop meaningful relationships with both parents/caregivers, and to encourage caregivers to share the responsibility for their dependents.

The primary considerations in any child custody case are outlined in the Family Law Act and include:

  • ensuring the best interests of the child, i.e. protecting them from potential harm, such as family violence or experiences/witnessing abuse, etc.
  • ensuring the child is enabled to develop a meaningful relationship with each of their caregivers (provided this aligns with the child’s best interests).

A minor cannot make legal decisions for themselves and a child is a minor until the age of 18. However, the court can take the child’s wishes regarding visitation and parental arrangements into account, depending on their age and development.

The cost of a child custody lawyer will depend on their experience and the complexity of the case, and the end cost can vary significantly from case to case. In cases where the parties are amicable, reaching an agreement can be quite quick, however, cases that involve more complex family dynamics can take much longer and result in higher costs.

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