It’s easy sometimes to overlook the extent to which simple law changes can drastically affect the lives of everyday people.

The media have recently highlighted the story of one of these affected people, Mr Daniel Barresi. (Sydney Morning Herald)

In 1995, Daniel was in a factory accident that left him permanently impaired.

Insurance company doctors estimated Daniel’s ‘whole body impairment’ at 16 percent, while his own doctors have indicated he has suffered as much as 19 per cent impairment.

At the time of his workplace injury, he was awarded ongoing weekly wage benefits until retirement age but, due to changes to the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme in 2012, Daniel had his payments cease as of Christmas last year.

Under the changes, persons with permanent injuries less than 21 per cent whole person impairment have a five-year time limit imposed upon payment of their weekly wage entitlements.

As we have only recently passed 5 years since the changes to the workers compensation scheme in 2012, the full effects have only just begun to be known.

Unfortunately Daniel is now left to rely on welfare and charity, and he isn’t alone in this. Thousands of other Australian workers share similar stories.

Perhaps more concerning still, the Worker’s Compensation Scheme has managed to accrue billions of dollars in surplus while these workers are struggling to get by.

NSW Greens MP, David Shoebridge, has spoken out in scathing criticism of the current scheme, claiming that injured workers have been ‘thrown on the scrap heap while the compo scheme hoards billions of dollars’. (SMH)

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