After a thorough review, the NSW Government has announced some big changes to the Workers Compensation dispute resolution process.

The functions of the Workers Compensation Independent Review Office (WIRO), the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA), and the Workers Compensation Commission (WCC), have all been shifted at the recommendation of the Government’s review.

The biggest change you can expect is the promotion of a new ‘one stop shop’ for Workers Compensation disputes in NSW.

The Workers Compensation Commission will, from early 2019 when the law changes take effect, deal with all Workers Compensation disputes.

So once the internal review has been completed by your insurer, if you wish to take further action, you will need to deal with the WCC.

The changes should make it simpler for workers to enforce their rights, but legal assistance still has an important role to play.

So much so, the Independent Legal Aid and Review Service (ILARS) remains completely unaffected by the changes.

ILARS is an initiative that assists injured workers by allowing approved expert lawyers, like ours here at Burke and Mead, to apply for funding to cover the worker’s legal costs.

Workers Compensation claims are complex and it’s important that you are getting the right advice. If you need assistance, our expert team of lawyers is here to help.

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