Workplace injuries occur in every occupation, in just about every way you could imagine.

Still, its concerning when particular workplace or field appears to present a significantly greater risk to its workers.

Leading NSW insurance provider, icare, recently released statistics indicating that workers in the Central West NSW city of Orange have a 73% higher chance of workplace injury than the state average.

Importantly, icare have turned their attention to support services, hoping to ensure that sufferers of workplace injury are not left socially isolated and to avoid the onset of further mental issues.

However, these statistics certainly provide a stark reminder of the importance that at-risk workers are educated as to their support options in the advent of an accident.

From overuse injuries to mental exhaustion, and workplace bullying to sight/hearing strain, no one can expect to go into a day at work without hazards.

The best workers can do is understand the risks, the rights, and the power we have to ensure that our rights are realised.

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