Just recently, a disabled Northern NSW man had his place to live torn from him as his hometown suffered severe flooding.

The man, then homeless, visited a free legal advice clinic seeking debt management advice.

The Legal Aid service questioned the man on his work history and found that the man had previously received worker’s compensation payments as his disability was found to be worsened by his prior occupation as a physical labourer.

Legal Aid NSW enquired with the Australian Taxation office and found that the man had a sizeable superannuation fund.

A Total and Permanent Disability claim was made and the man received a $140,000 payout.

This case serves as a reminder of the benefits that seeking legal advice can provide even when you are experiencing adverse circumstances.

Here at Burke and Mead, we take great pride in our legal aid work and being able to solve important legal problems for everyday people that, without financial assistance, may not have had the means to get legal help.

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