One Australian woman is killed each week by a current or former partner (Australian Bureau of Statistics). So far today, police would have dealt with over 300 domestic violence matters across the country (ABC News). These are alarming statistics.

25 per cent of all Australian domestic violence deaths occur in Queensland. Teresa Bradford was killed inside her Gold Coast home by her estranged partner in January this year. David Bradford had been released on bail, after choking and bashing the young mother.

This prompted many to question how such a violent man could have been granted bail in the first place. In response, Queensland Parliament has passed a Bill designed to provide more safeguards to victims of domestic violence.

The proposed legislation will reverse the typical legal process whereby police and the prosecution argue why a person should not be granted bail and released into the community. Instead, alleged offenders will have to prove they do not pose a threat if they are released from custody.

The new laws will also provide more protection for domestic violence victims. Courts will now be able to order alleged offenders to be fitted with tracking devices as a bail condition. (ABC News)

Do you think NSW should introduce similar laws?

Image: Courier Mail