There are few professionals we trust more than doctors.

Surely, we think, in this modern age, medical professionals simply would not be able to operate negligently within the confines of a hospital. At least, they’d very soon be caught out. We assume that there are unavoidable safeguards in place that would make consistent malpractice impossible.

Yet, a shocking story arriving out of NSW serves as a startling reminder that trust should not replace awareness of one’s rights when receiving medical services.

A Gynaecologist working in a NSW hospital has recently been found guilty of professional misconduct. Reportedly, concerns had been raised about this doctor’s practices for up to twenty years before actions were taken. (The Guardian)

Without mentioning any of the horrific details, it’s certainly alarming that this person was able to function in four separate hospitals over this time and was not held properly accountable for his actions.

Medical practitioners, of course, have a strict legal obligation to exercise reasonable skill and care when providing services to a patient.

As a patient, it’s important to understand your rights, raise any concerns you have with the medical services you receive, and ask questions when you think something may be awry.

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Emma Mead

Emma Mead

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