Explaining the dispute resolution system to injured road users and workers in NSW can read like a text message from a teen to a confused parent:

“If we can’t agree on your level of WPI in your MVA matter, it will need to go to MAS, before coming back to CARS”.

 “Your WC claim is now before the WCC and the Con/Arb is next month; hopefully we can get a favourable referral to an AMS to assess your WPI”

WCC, SIRA, MAS, CARS, DRS?? Sound confusing? It is. And the process can be slow.

That is why the NSW Government has recently announced it will deliver a new one-stop shop Personal Injury Commission (PIC) to simplify the dispute resolution system for injured road users and workers who are claiming compensation.

Specifically, the PIC will:

  1. Merge the dispute resolution systems of the workers compensation and CTP insurance schemes into a single, independent tribunal.
  2. Transfer the functions of the Workers Compensation Commission (WCC) and the State Insurance Regulatory Authority’s (SIRA), Dispute Resolution Service (DRS), the Motor Accidents Claims Assessment and Resolution Service (CARS), and the Motor Accidents Medical Assessment Service (MAS) to the PIC.
  3. Will help thousands of customers resolve their disputes each year by simplifying the dispute resolution process and deal with disputes justly, quickly, and as cost efficiently as possible.


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