Refusing service to COVID-19 hotspot residents – Is this discrimination?

According to the Anti-Discrimination Board NSW, regional venues are not discriminating by banning all Sydney residents from entering their venues. After a number of establishments including the Paxton Hotel, Hotel Jesmond and Wallsend Lemon Grove Hotel closed their doors Sydney Residents in a bid to protect their local customers from the current pandemic, a number of enquiries were received by the Anti-discrimination Board NSW.

A statement has been issued confirming that denying entry to someone because of their geographic place of residence is not considered discrimination under the Anti-Discrimination Act 177 (NSW). Whilst this will not be welcome news to our regular Sydney visitors, locals have largely expressed an appreciation for the measures being taken to keep their community safe.

What to you think? Will this leave employees vulnerable to discrimination due to residing in a COVID-19 hotspot? Will specialised medical treatment become unavailable to those residing outside of the local area?