• Personal Injury Claims are a quick way to make a buck!

Pursuing a personal injury claim can be a very lengthy process. Particularly if the injuries sustained are significant and need time to stabilise. Claims can often become complicated if there is more than one party that has been negligent causing injury, damage and loss to the Claimant. All parties to a claim must be given an opportunity to prepare their case and this can often mean multiple assessments, settlement discussions, court dates and lengthy investigations.

  • All personal injury claims are worth millions.

There is specific methodology used to quantify a personal injury damages claim which ultimately depends on your personal circumstances. Two people can sustain the exact same injuries, caused by the exact same negligence and receive two very different amounts of compensation. Quantifying a personal injury damages claim includes consideration of the following:

  • The age of the Claimant and the impact their injuries have had on their ability to carry out their usual work;
  • Ongoing need for treatment of the Claimant’s injuries;
  • Pain and Suffering caused by the Claimant’s injuries;
  • Assistance the Claimant has required from friends and family after sustaining their injuries;


  • If I could have avoided my injury, I cannot make a claim.

It can often be the case that the Claimant’s own actions have also contributed to their injuries. For example, a pedestrian may be struck by a car whilst failing to use a pedestrian crossing. A claim may still be brought against the driver of the car; however a portion of their damages will be deducted from what is awarded based on the level of the Claimant’s “contributory negligence”. The amount by which damages will be reduced depends on the circumstances of the incident. All accidents are different.

  • It doesn’t matter when I make the claim.

There are strict time limits that must be adhered to when making a personal injury claim. These limitations periods are governed by legislation and differ depending on the type of personal injury claim that is being made. It is important that you receive legal advice about these limitation periods to ensure you do not miss your opportunity to bring a claim.

  • Most of my compensation money will go towards my legal fees.

If your claim is successful, you will be awarded a sum that will contribute to the cost of your legal fees. Your Solicitors will guide you throughout the claim and advise you if at any time they consider your claim has poor prospects of success or the cost of your claim starts to outweigh the expected return. It is important that you listen to the advice of your Solicitors to ensure that your claim resolves in such a way that maximises the financial benefit to you.