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Committed to justice and the protection of each individual’s rights

Our Criminal and Traffic Law Team is committed to justice and the protection of each individual’s rights. We appear in a wide array of cases ranging from traffic infringements to terrorism and murder matters.

If you are arrested or are under investigation for a criminal offence it can be difficult to know what to do. The police may have told you that there is no hope of avoiding a conviction. The criminal charges you face may be so serious that you feel there’s no way to avoid prison. It is important to remember that you always have options. With an expert criminal defence lawyer at your side, you can make informed decisions about your situation and how to proceed with your case.

Our criminal and traffic lawyers pride themselves on their courtroom ability and experience and do most of the courtroom advocacy for our clients. This way our team can help you to avoid any unnecessary costs. In serious matters, or as otherwise requested, we are happy to brief barristers to appear and have excellent relationships with members of the criminal Bar.

By having the real choice of whether or not to brief barristers to appear, our criminal and traffic law team is able to ensure that the best interests of our clients are always put first. Our criminal and traffic law team is experienced in many matters including:

Criminal Offences and Prosecutions

  • Murder and Manslaughter
  • Assaults
  • Drug Possession, Supply, Cultivation and Manufacture
  • Sexual and Indecent Assaults
  • Robbery and Theft
  • Malicious Damage
  • Apprehended Violence Orders
  • Fraud
  • Social Security and Taxation
  • Terrorism
  • Driving that causes death or bodily harm

Traffic Matters

  • Negligent and Dangerous driving
  • Drink Driving
  • Drug Driving (driving while under the influence of drugs)
  • Mobile Phone offences & other Demerit Points

All appeals from decisions of the Roads and Maritime Services (previously the RTA), including:

  • As advocates for Provisional and Learner Drivers
  • Excessive speed suspensions
  • Medical suspensions
  • Age suspension appeals
  • Quashing of habitual traffic offender declarations
  • Challenging speed camera and radar offences

Accessing Our Services

We are committed to ensuring you have access to high quality and cost effective legal advice regardless your location. Our criminal lawyers also understand the many and varied circumstances that may exist around a criminal law or traffic matter including the criticality of deadlines and the urgency of certain circumstances. We will endeavour to find a way to meet face-to-face for an initial consultation meeting with new clients, however if it is not possible we support various electronic communication methods including Skype.

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