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Property settlements in family law

Following the breakdown of a marriage or de-facto relationship it may be necessary for parties to determine how they divide assets and liabilities. This can be achieved in a number of different ways. Parties may agree on the division of the property pool...

Mistreatment in aged care

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced a Royal Commission into Australia’s aged care sector. The inquiry will delve into allegations of mistreatment in the industry following a slew of concerning news reports and investigations, including the Oakden...

Drug testing in family court proceedings

If allegations of drug use are made against a parent in family proceedings, it’s possible that the court may order that the parent is drug-tested. There are a few different tests that may be ordered by the court. The most common test is urinalysis: the...

Liberal parliamentarians accused of workplace bullying

In the eyes of the law, no worker should be routinely bullied in the workplace. It seems simple enough and yet, there are still sections of our society in which this sort of behaviour is common-place. Even in the most high-profile, publicly-scrutinised...

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