In most cases, the decision to join a gym is normally triggered by an event. It might be that you had a big weekend and decide enough is enough, It might be that post-Christmas full feeling and the impending new year, or it might be that you have had a friend or relative has had a medical incident and it has encouraged you to not follow the same path.

Likewise the decision to begin a Legal proceeding will also follow an event like a Car Accident, Accident at work or in public, Divorce or Separation or needing to finalise Property, Financial and Custody arrangements.

So…. What do you do?

Well first step is doing some research.. Google is now your friend. You jump on and do your search, “Best Gyms Newcastle” , “Best Lawyers Newcastle”

Because lets’ face it.. You only want the best.

What’s their web page like? Is it easy to navigate? Can I see pictures of whom I will be dealing with? Do they look like the person I want on my side? What is their Google rating? What have other people said about them? Do they have info about their services, oh wait that have a Facebook page, Let’s check that out.. etc etc etc……….click, click, click click,

Next Step………. Make a call / send an email / Make contact / Get an appointment.

You show up to the first appointment and meet the person who is going to take you step by step through the process, talk to you about what it is you want to achieve, walk you through the hard work you are going to have to do, and reassures you that they will be there each step to help you get through it.

Similar to what you do as a warm up at the gym, you start by stretching out, seeing how it all feels and getting your body warm to start the main event.

Then we are into the workout… This is where the hard work happens, the workout is laid out before you and all you need to do it work through it…. Rep by Rep.

Similar to a Legal matter.. after that warm up you have a clear path of what needs to happen and you can start working through the steps to get your matter underway..

Then we have the cool down… The part when all the hard work has been done and your session is over.  Your probably tired and if it’s been a good one, your thankful it’s all over.

But then you realise you have to come back again tomorrow… because results don’t happen overnight and won’t happen if you give up, and just because the body builder Johnny in the corner got results in 10 days, doesn’t mean that you will do the same because your body is different to his.

Your legal matter is the same… It won’t happen overnight, and not all matters are the same, you have to be patient, follow the advice of your lawyer, do anything extra they ask, like attend medical appointments, Mediations, get valuations and personal records, that is way easier then when the Gym instructor asks you to go on a juice cleanse. Step by Step working towards that end goal, Not all days are going to be great, there will be days (and workouts) where you just don’t think you can do it, other days the information and requests will seem ok, Some days you will get a small win… maybe the report comes back in your favour.. other days will be like taking 2 steps backwards but remember that your Lawyer (and Gym instructor) is there to help you.. This is what they are trained and educated to do.

So if you have a legal matter you need to start. Step one, Google Contact us and come on in and meet the team.