No one is exempt from road safety laws, even government officials.

New South Wales Police Minister Troy Grant has been fined and has lost four demerit points after using his mobile phone while driving.

The MP for Dubbo took a photo of a sheep in the boot of a nearby car while he was stopped at roadworks and uploaded it to Twitter.

It was only after that he realised that he had broken the law. He reported himself to police.

“This serves as a massive reminder, nobody is above the law even if you are the Police Minister, even if you have to ring up and dob yourself in to get a ticket,” he said.

“I didn’t know that what I was doing was against the law, I was stationary [and] stopped, using my phone just to simply take a photo, as I was sitting there for a long time at a road work site,” he told ABC News.

The Minister was fined $325.

Image: Distracted Driving