You may consider yourself an excellent driver, but you may be unknowingly breaking the law every day. NSW is home to some little-known road rules that most of us probably didn’t even know existed.

Did you know you can be fined for failing to lock your car?

In NSW, you may be fined for leaving your car unlocked, if you move more than 3 metres away from the vehicle. But if stay within a 3 metre radius, you are not breaking any rules.

It is illegal to drive through puddles and splash mud on people waiting for a bus. But what about other pedestrians? There is no law stating that a driver cannot splash mud or water on other pedestrians who are not waiting for public transport. However, it may be dangerous to intentionally drive through puddles of water, as this may cause the vehicle to lose control.

When saying good bye to a friend, many of us may toot our horn and give a wave. However in NSW drivers and passengers cannot have any part of their body outside the car window. You may also be fined for using your horn for any other purpose than warning other drivers or road users.

Many of us are aware that it is illegal to talk on a mobile phone while driving. But you may not know that it is illegal to touch any part of the phone to answer a call or read a message unless it is placed in a dock. This also includes using your phone as a GPS device.

Learner P1 and P2 licence holders are prohibited from using a mobile phone at all while driving, even if it is placed in an approved dock. Mobile phones may only be used once the driver is parked out of the line of traffic, with the engine turned off. (NSW Road Rules)

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