Some NSW motorists will receive refunds of up to $125 on their green slips, as the state government overhauls the compulsory third party insurance scheme.

Sydney motorists, who pay the most for green slips, will pocket refunds averaging $70, while country drivers will receive about $30.

The average insurance premium is also set to drop. Sydney motorists currently pay an average of $700 for their premiums, and it is estimated that this may drop to $520. Country drivers may save an average of $50 on their premiums.

But at what cost?

Finance Minister Victor Dominello described the refund as a “big win” for motorists across NSW. But, in a bid to drive down costs, there will be greater restrictions on who may be entitled to receive benefits for being injured in a car accident.

Drivers who suffer from minor injuries, such as “soft tissue and minor psychological injuries”, will only be able to claim benefits for six months. They will be cut off after that point. Even if they are still off work, or suffering the effects of the accident and need treatment. Remember too, they were injured due to someone’s negligence, it was not their fault.

It is estimated that up to a third of people injured in motor accidents will stop receiving benefits after six months from the date of the accident. (Sydney Morning Herald)

The recent truck crash in Singleton demonstrates how important it is to have a comprehensive compulsory third party scheme that provides proper compensation for those hurt in an accident.

Rodney Johnson, 29, allegedly stole a truck from a service station at Murrurundi before leading police on a 100 kilometre chase. It ended when he rammed into parked cars, injuring eight people. Five people were taken to hospital, with two in a critical condition.

All those injured in the crash will be able to claim benefits from the driver’s green slip insurer, demonstrating how important it is for insurance companies to provide comprehensive coverage. The scheme that is in place worked; and delivered fair compensation to those injured in a car accident.  The changes coming on 1 December 2017 will affect innocent people involved in a car accident. That is not fair.

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Emma Mead

Emma Mead

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