A few weeks ago we posted about the Road Transport Amendment (Driver Licence Disqualification) Bill 2017 that will bring about significant changes to our driver disqualification laws.

The new reforms commenced on 28 October.

Under the reforms, certain disqualified drivers who have complied with their disqualification period for a minimum of two years will be able to apply to the Local Court to have their disqualification lifted early.

Research by the Bureau of Crime and Statistic Research has shown that lengthy disqualification periods do not deter individuals from engaging in unauthorised driving.   The new laws aim to encourage safer driving, by providing disqualified drivers with a light at the end of the tunnel, if they can show that they have not engaged in unauthorised driving for a certain period of time.

For more information about the reforms, head to our blog at: https://www.burkemeadlawyers.com.au/blog/

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