1. Do your research. What have other people’s experience been like?

    Burke Mead’s Family law & Personal Injury team feature on the Three best rated guide, We have a 4.6 Star Google rating and a 4.7 Star Facebook rating with close to 60 client reviews. You will also find client testimonials on our website.
    Emma Mead and Our Personal Injury team have also been recognised on the prestigious Doyle’s Guide

  2. Choose an Expert.

    We only practice in Personal injury and Family Law. We also have an accredited Specialist in each area who oversees all the matters.

  3. Accessibility

    It’s important your lawyer is accessible to you, Meaning they take your calls and return emails promptly and give your matter the attention it needs.
    It also means they will take the time to explain and ensure you understand any legal jargon or legal processes.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.