Just because you’re against someone who seems incompetent, doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a win.

You know what their flaws are, you have seen it during the relationship, Unfortunately, they’re still in with a shot.

People make the wrong decision.

Sometimes, even presented with all the facts, people make the wrong decision. Unfortunately, this is not too dissimilar to family law and leaving the decision in the hands of someone else might result in disappointment. The safest bet is to avoid this risk and reach an agreement that you’re happy with through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution.

Just because there are allegations against your opponent of misadventure, and skeletons in their closet doesn’t necessarily mean the result is guaranteed.

You need an expert in the field of family law to advise you appropriately of your prospects of success.

Both parties will likely walk away not feeling as though they achieved what they wanted.

We understand that your ex-partner receiving 49% of the property pool seems like a loss, however at least you have the keys to the house… now to undo all the dodgy renovations.

Keep it off social media.

1:00am tweets or Facebook rants about your opponent can be used against you in your family law proceedings and might result in your advisors wishing you didn’t have Twitter at all

Even if you win fair and square in the first instance, the other side might complain and take you to Court.

Some people just won’t accept a loss. Even in the event you finally get a result at final hearing they might still dispute it, this will just take up more time and money. In some situations it’s better to make small concessions in order to negotiate a less risky outcome.

You should listen to your advisors.

Whether it’s health ministers, political advisors or your solicitor, listen to the professionals.