The NSW government has introduced new legislation that will repeal unjust legal settlement agreements between child abuse survivors and institutions. Attorney-General Mark Speakman will spearhead retroactive reforms that allow survivors to acquire the proper financial compensation they are entitled to.

“The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse revealed harrowing stories of survivors forced into unfair financial agreements.” Mr Speakman stated.

“A lot of people were forced to accept these settlements in situations where they were on their own, vulnerable and there was a terrible power imbalance.”

By providing legislative support for those who would not otherwise have the financial or emotional means to fight for their claim, the institutions responsible are forced to pay their dues.

“This is critical legislation. It means people who had to accept payments that were grossly inadequate and were then forced to sign deeds of release that they would not take any further legal action can have those cases reconsidered,” Mr Fisher of the Beyond Abuse survivors group said.

As a result, victims now have the confidence of legislative authority by their side in their quest for compensation, justice and closure.

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