Yesterday we posted a blog about a Sydney lawyer arrested for allegedly organising a sophisticated insurance scam worth millions.

Marcel Joukhador, 43, has been accused of taking part in an elaborate scam involving millions of dollars worth of fraudulent CTP claims.

Joukhador has been refused bail, despite his lawyer promising he would not contact any of the alleged members of the syndicate. His lawyer also offered $250,000 surety but this was not enough to sway magistrate Mark Richardson’s decision.

Magistrate Richardson maintained that Joukhador posed an unacceptable risk of interfering with witnesses and therefore could not be released on bail.

Prosecutors said the accused scammed a large number of people, many of whom had been unaware that he had been making deductions from their insurance settlements. (9 News)

Two health professionals were also arrested in relation to the scam. One of the co-accused, 31-year-old Mohammad Ali Mahmoud Sallam, was also refused bail.

Mr Richardson warned that Joukhador would most likely be jailed if found guilty of the charges, adding that the prosecution had “by no means a weak case”. (9 News)

Image: Liberland Press

Emma Mead

Emma Mead

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