Australian international cricket player, Mitchell Starc, has filed a multi‑million-dollar lawsuit against a leading sports-contract insurance company.

The left-arm fast-bowler had taken out a $1.53 million policy which would be triggered if he were to miss his planned lucrative Indian Premier League season due to injury.

It has been reported that the insurance contract was drafted with exclusion clauses for past injuries and that the insurer’s medical examination was not favourable to Starc’s claim. That is, if the medical assessment determined that Starc’s injury precluding him from playing in the IPL was a pre-existing condition not otherwise allowed for under the policy of the insurance this has allowed the insurer to rely upon an exclusion clause denying Starc’s claim.

It is not uncommon that medical examinations and opinions qualified on behalf of insurer’s give rise to disputes over an injured person’s entitlements under a policy of insurance e.g. motor vehicle. It is important that when this occurs regardless of the circumstances, the injured person obtains comprehensive legal advice regarding their rights and options available to dispute the decision of the insurer.

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