Fees and Charges

Our principle about legal fees is No Surprises

There is no charge to contact us or to Ask Us a Question to determine whether you have a case, or to undertake a preliminary assessment of whether we are the right legal team for you.

Once you decide to meet us for an Initial Consultation Meeting (and we have no doubt you will!) then the relevant costs will be applicable.

Fixed Costs and Agreed Costs

Wherever possible, we offer a fixed cost for legal services and ensure fees and other related costs are communicated and understood at the beginning of the engagement. Our aim is to prevent any surprises or unexpected costs. We believe that this is the best way to establish trust with our clients. Where we cannot provide a fixed cost for the service you require, we will provide an estimate and establish an agreed cost. The agreed cost will be set out as part of an Engagement Agreement that details the scope of the work and any specific deliverables, outcomes as well as any potential additional charges.

Pre-payment of Fees

Generally, we require pre-payment of part or all of the costs prior to the commencement of legal work. In most cases pre-payments are deposited into our Trust Account and require your permission to be released to us at agreed stages as your matter proceeds.

Pay at the End

In some cases we may be able to undertake legal work on the basis that you will ‘pay at the end’ of your matter. This is generally only suitable for personal injury claims and compensation matters. However, this can be discussed further at the Initial Consultation Meeting.

Initial Consultation Meeting

Our initial consultation meeting is offered at a fixed cost which is payable on (or before) the day of your meeting. This is generally done face-to-face at our offices, but can also be arranged off-site (your home, office or even hospital), via Skype, or by telephone or teleconference. The fixed cost of the initial consultation meeting will vary depending on the legal services you require.

No Win, No Pay

Generally, we do not offer free initial consultations or ‘no win no fee’ arrangements. We prefer to offer fair, reasonable and competitive value for money services.

Our team of talented, experienced lawyers are able to meet with you, give you their undivided attention and all the time that you need to discuss your requirements or situation. Our solicitors know that their advice is relied upon to make big or difficult decisions and it is important to our clients that this advice is properly considered – which is why it is not free.

“I was recommended to Emma Mead by a family member after a car accident resulted in my continuing lower back pain. Emma and Karlo were consistently professional in dealing with my matter, and really helped me, as a young person with no experience in the area of compensation claims, understand my rights at every step of the way. They went above and beyond to ensure I was well-informed and comfortable with all the decisions I made, and were friendly and approachable whenever I had questions. I am thankful that I was recommended Burke and Mead Lawyers and would recommend their services to others.”

E.R – Maryland