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Trusted professionals and key points of contact for court based lawyers.

Jackie Chambers

Jackie Chambers

Criminal Law Support

Jackie is the Client Manager for the Criminal Law team. She is involved in and has knowledge of each matter in the practice.

Due to the nature of their work, our criminal lawyers are often in court and away from the office. During these times, Jackie is available at the office to field your calls and assist with your inquiries.

Jackie has worked in the legal industry for over 20 years, She is down to earth and  loves dealing with people. She is a busy mother who loves watching her kids play sport and in her downtime you can find her near the water, either at the beach or lake with a book in her hand!

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Criminal Law Posts

Calling triple-0 when there is no emergency can be an offence

In circumstances where a person calls “000” with the intention of inducing a false belief that an emergency exists (aka, a ‘hoax call’), the person may be charged with a criminal offence, for which the penalties can include imprisonment of up to three (3)...