On Monday, Labor leader Bill Shorten introduced a private member’s Bill to Parliament proposing reform to the Marriage Act, which would include the union of “two people” as opposed to “a man and woman”. This is following the historical referendum held in Ireland over a week ago, that saw an overwhelming majority vote in favour of same-sex marriage.

The majority of the Coalition side of the House of Representatives chose not to attend Mr Shorten’s speech, their absence perhaps signifying a silent yet obvious form of protest. Despite this, there was a strong showing from Labor as Mr Shorten stressed Parliament will need to “step up” if we want to see change.

In response, Tony Abbott and Liberal MP’s have acknowledged legalising same-sex marriage is an issue that will need to be addressed; however they have stressed it is not a priority at this stage. Their main focus for the next few weeks is pushing the small business budget boost through to Parliament.

In the meantime, ensuring Tony Abbott allows Liberal MP’s to have a ‘conscience’ or ‘free’ vote on the issue, would be an incredibly promising step towards legalising same-sex marriage.

Information was sourced from the ABC. For Further information please follow this link: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-06-01/same-sex-marriage-bill-shorten-introduces-bill-parliament/6511208


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